Implant crown or bridge

Our crowns and bridges made of zirconium and non-precious metal alloy offer a basis for implant crowns and bridges. We mill all framework in Remscheid with the Röders 5 axis high speed machine.

An overview of our services:

  • Zirconium or non-precious metal alloy unit
  • Measures for model production
  • Gum mask
  • Supraconstruction measures per abutment

199,- Euro – including all costs such as VAT, models etc.

In addition:

The suprastructures must be individually calculated in addition, since the prices and sizes of the abutments vary.

Implant crowns or bridges

Implant crowns or bridges

Finally good teeth again.

199,- € per unit

Our service

Including all costs: Shipping, VAT, etc.

All prices apply to Germany only.