Company profile

Quality made in Germany.

With more than 30 years of experience we decided in 2005 to begin producing high quality dental replacements that can live up to the high demands expected of quality products made in Germany. Our goal was to combine typical German virtues such as quality, durability and reliability with the strengths that correspond to the new market requirements such as good value for money.

A new concept in dental technology.

New industrial CNC milling techniques that have never been used before in the production of dental replacements have become standard practice in our laboratory. Processes have been improved and employees trained to master the new techniques. The challenge was taken on by the entire team with ambition and conviction.

Today computer-aided production (Röders, 5 axis, high speed milling machine) guarantees the highest quantity of the best quality. Producing larger quantities and voluntary capping of our profit margin provides us with an opportunity to be able to compete with our prices on the international market.

Quality, durability and reliability have remained.

Quality demands the best resources. Which is why we work exclusively with CE certified, bio-compatible materials. The key to quality craftsmanship includes having a qualified team that is lead by four master dental technicians. Our products are exclusively made by dental technicians trained in Germany.

National and international education in all areas of dental technology are a matter of course.

It took much courage, work and endurance, but it has all paid off – today we sell our crowns and bridges to countries throughout Europe.